" My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness. " — Dalai Lama XIV




My name is Dr. Carder Stout. Thank you for joining me.

You may be here because something in your life is not working. As a Depth Psychologist I believe that everyone has the capacity to be happy. My aim is to heal those parts of you that are standing in the way.

How I Work

I work a bit differently than other therapists. My mission is to shine a light on elements that are unknown. As a depth psychologist my intention is to discover the origins of your feelings. Depth work is centered on exploring the unconscious side of psyche. This is where we store our negative beliefs and self-destructive tendencies. My hope is to uncover these patterns and help you heal them. This will free you from old ideas that no longer serve you.


Carder Stout Los Angeles Psychotherapist

I am also a trained dream analyst and love to work with images from your dreams. Dreams can be wonderfully revealing and insightful. Looking at dreams is a powerful way to connect to the unconscious.

My patients have described me as compassionate and calm. They say I am a good listener and someone they really trust.

BarnMy Goal

My goal is to create more spring in your step by elevating your levels of happiness and love. I will work to restore the balance in your psyche by increasing your belief in self. This is the path to transformation.
Are you ready?

Recovery is Possible

We live in a consumer culture. From a very young age we are given the message that more is better. We want to liver bigger, move faster and acquire what we do not need. The world is a place of addiction. Food, money, success, drugs, alcohol, work, exercise and anger. We can be addicted to all of these. I have been in recovery from my own addictions for over a decade. I am an expert in guiding you through a painful process of obsessive thoughts and reckless behavior. I understand what you are going through and will lead you to a process of self-discovery. Recovery is possible. I promise.

Therapy for Those in the Entertainment Industry

Previous to becoming a therapist I worked as a casting director and producer in the film industry. This has given me a unique ability to understand the many problems that face people in the entertainment industry. I have helped actors, musicians and writers build self esteem and become more successful in their careers. I understand the essence of having a creative block and can help to unravel this mysterious and stifling knot. I have worked on both sides of the camera and understand the pressure that is so palpable in the lives of producers, agents and studio executives. I understand this language and I’m here to support you.

My Private Practice

For the past ten years, I have had a private practice in Brentwood where I treat clients for anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma. As a specialist in relationships I am adept at helping clients become more truthful with themselves and their partners.

Thank you for your time and I hope to meet you soon.