Carder Stout Depth Psychotherapist

" I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become. " — C.G. Jung


Individual Therapy

I am experienced in working with adults, teenagers and adolescents on a variety of mental health issues including:


Anxiety is the most common of all human emotions. Most people experience fear on a regular basis I help my clients face their fears. Together we explore how fear does not have power, but is simply a construct of the human mind. I have a number of proven methods which help. I teach deep breathing exercises, guided relaxation and meditation. Many people’s fears stem from worries about the future or thoughts about the past. I help my clients to stay present and focus on the here and now.


Depression can be present for years before it is addressed. Many people feel sad and hopeless and do not know why. I work with my clients to uncover the source of the depression. Negative feelings often grow from distorted beliefs about the past. I will help your or a loved one to reframe these old beliefs and provide a healthier perspective and more positive outlook.

Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is usually a result of not knowing how to move forward. Many people feel stuck in their lives and have no idea that change is possible. I specialize in helping create the blueprint for a new beginning. I encourage my clients to become aware of the actions that make them feel good about themselves. These estimable acts are the key to a newfound freedom and healthy sense of self.


Anger is one of the most powerful human emotions. Many people allow anger to govern their lives and are paralyzed in a state of constant dissatisfaction. When people feel angry they give away their power to others. I show my clients ways to reclaim their power by diffusing the ideas that lay underneath the anger. I share a method that soothes the frustration and allows for a new understanding to take its place.


Grief is usually associated with feelings of loss. Grief may be present when a person loses a job, moves to a new city, feels the effects of aging, or goes through a break up. It may also be felt during the death of a loved one. When people lose anything important they move through various stages of grief. These stages include depression, anger, denial, bargaining and acceptance. I have worked with countless clients during their grieving process. I offer unconditional support, empathy, kindness and understanding.