Carder Stout Depth Psychotherapist

" The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. " — Pablo Picasso


Therapy for Artists

It is a wonderful thing to be an artist. Artists are full of creativity, passion and unconventional thinking. They have a unique perspective on the world around them and live to the beat of their own drum. This can be life affirming but also may be a burden. We live in a word in which artists are both celebrated and marginalized. To be an artist can often be a painful process of internal struggle that manifests through artistic expression.

I truly understand the challenges that face artists because I am an artist myself. I write prose, poetry and an occasional screenplay. I was a sculptor in college and worked as a creative producer on many film projects before I became a therapist. I understand the beauty of the artistic realm and connect with the creative vision of my clients. I work with writers, musicians, actors and producers in my private practice addressing the specific fears and frustrations that creative people face on a daily basis.

Some of the challenges that we may work on together are pushing through your creative block, overcoming feelings of inadequacy, embracing the idea of being different, conquering low self-esteem, finding your artistic voice, restoring a sense of balance in your passionate life, improving your personal relationships, and maximizing your ability to become successful in your field.