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Calling It Quits: How to Stick with Resolutions, Big and Small

February 23, 2016

Whether it’s cutting out sugar, negative thinking, or your cell phone, we come to our resolutions (New Year’s or otherwise) full of hope, firm deadlines, and willpower. But the idea of quitting something—be it a behavior or a substance—often dooms potential behavior changes from the start, says LA-based Dr. Carder Stout; a brilliant depth psychologist,…

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Everyone is An Addict

August 20, 2015

by DR. CARDER STOUT We live in the age of addiction. It is a time of unbridled desire and reckless overconsumption. Addicts seem to be everywhere. We point our fingers at the drunks stumbling down the street and recognize the drug-addled miscreants shuffling behind abandoned buildings in the bad sections of town. Addiction may have…

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