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Blue Sky Thinking with the A-List’s Favourite Shrink

September 3, 2020

He’s friends with everyone from Gwyneth to Brad and battled his own demons before he became a therapist. Carder Stout tells Katie Strick his extraordinary story They say a writer’s environment is key to their creative process, so it’s no wonder Carder Stout’s new memoir has received rave five-star reviews. The Los Angeles film producer…

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Life After Addiction and Drugs From a Personal Experience

June 29, 2020

Dr. Carder Stout wrote “Lost in Ghost Town” about his time spent in the Venice area of L.A. He was a Hollywood Producer and came from a privileged family. But it all came apart when he say he fell into addiction. Dr. Stout says a kind family pulled him from a dark place and helped…

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Interview with Dr. Carder Stout of ‘Lost in Ghost Town’

May 28, 2020

Before he became a noted Hollywood psychologist, Carder Stout, PhD, lived a privileged life that gradually descended from elite Manhattan private schools into crack addiction and running drugs for an LA gang. Here, he tells Purist about the journey, and offers a peek at his searing memoir of addiction, redemption and hope in unlikely places….

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