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A Therapist’s Tips for Maintaining New Sobriety

June 9, 2021

ASK A THERAPIST Q Over the course of the pandemic, I developed some new problems with substance abuse that I didn’t have before. It started as a way to cope. But it went too far. I’m working on getting sober, and I’m doing well. How do I make sure it lasts? —Isabel M. A First,…

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Lost And Found With Dr. Carder Stout

October 9, 2020

This is a story of addiction, decline, recovery and family. It is also the very embodiment of empathy. In Lost in Ghost Town, Dr. Carder Stout recounts a middle-class upbringing and a childhood of privilege, at least from outside appearances. Underneath was a family history of alcoholism and crime that shape Stout’s destiny – or…

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Ordinary Dreams

June 23, 2015

  This Question came from a woman named Beatrice who was concerned that her dreams were ordinary. She said that she dreamt about friends, people she knew and places she had visited. She also expressed her belief that there should not be a template in regards to the various themes in dreams. Here is my…

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