A little bird

June 13, 2015 | Posted in Dreams

bird-optimizedI am responding to a request to analyze a dream in which a woman was visited by her deceased father. This type of dream is archetypal and wrought with symbolic meaning. When a person who has passed on visits us in our dreams – we are accessing the collective unconscious. This is the resting place for the souls of the dead. This paternal energy that came to you in your dream represents all of the qualities that your father expressed when he was alive. When you think of him what do you remember? What was his essence? This is the energy of the dream.

It makes a lot of sense that this dream would come to you during a time of transition. Hermes, the trickster, is the god of transitions and boundaries. He is also the only God who can walk on the border between the living and dead. Hermes is playful and full of surprises. The archetypal presence of Hermes saturates this dream and and carries forth into this realm of consciousness and matter. The little bird is an actual manifestation of the Hermes archetype.

I would not allow this dream to alter your decisions to find a suitable home. This dream is not a premonition but a remembrance of the energy it requires to grow and evolve. The sadness of losing your father may have affected your moods since this dream occurred. Have you allowed yourself to truly grieve his loss. If not, you should welcome the feelings of sadness and embrace the power feelings of melancholia that accompany losing a parent.

Thank you so much for your inquiry and have a blessed week.