Ordinary Dreams

June 23, 2015 | Posted in Dreams, Uncategorized



This Question came from a woman named Beatrice who was concerned that her dreams were ordinary. She said that she dreamt about friends, people she knew and places she had visited. She also expressed her belief that there should not be a template in regards to the various themes in dreams.

Here is my response to her.


You are right on the mark with most of what you are saying. I do not believe in any cookie cutter type of interpretations, but there are certain themes that are commonly shared amongst dreamers as I have outlined in the goop article. Not everyone dreams about losing their teeth or being late for a final exam but many people do share these common themes in their dream experiences. That being said, it remains true that dreams are singular, sacred and  spontaneously constructed. They are fashioned as a gift from our psyche to help us balance, adjust and recalculate those character traits that need our attention.

There are two main fields of our unconscious material. The first is our personal unconscious which is reflective of our real life and the people we encounter on a daily basis. This appears to be what you are accessing most in your dreams. This certainly is not uncommon. Still, in these dreams the figures, people and events are representative of emotions, beliefs and characteristics. Your friend therefore represents the psychological elements of how you value them. If they are honest, kind and funny then you are dreaming about these character traits. These images and people are showing up for a reason. They want to be seen and heard and have a message to deliver.

Many people access the personal unconscious in their dreams. The dreams you are having represent your own story. The story of each dream will only be told once and then vanish into the collective. It is a drop of rain floating through your sleep with the ability to nourish the arid nature of your conscious life. Celebrate the simplicity of your dreams if that is how they resonate in your waking hours. There is a beauty and spiritual essence to that which is plain and ordinary. There is a humility to your nighttime adventures. Embrace the notion that there is a pure and divine nature to this.

But, if you would like to go deeper into your dreams and access the collective unconscious – which is the place where archetypes, souls of the dead and all history of the universe is stored – then it would be beneficial to initiate a dialogue with your deepest, most authentic self. This is your soul or what is also called psyche. Begin a dialogue with psyche and ask him to lead you to the collective. Tell your soul that you are interested in uncovering the infinite mysteries and mythologies of all life. Activate this realm and psyche will respond. You may do this during prayer, meditation or any time you have a moment to yourself. Ask….. and you shall receive.

Thank you for sharing your dreams with me.