Scary Dreams

June 4, 2015 | Posted in Dreams

scary-tree-smaller copyPeople refer to frightening dreams as nightmares. These type of unsettling dreams have a category all by themselves. These are the dreams that wake us up in a cold sweet and jolt us out of a deep sleep. Sometimes we scream as we are being chased and often we feel that there is no escape. Usually there is some frightening entity in the dream that will not leave us alone. Maybe its some type of monster with sharp talons and grisly fangs or maybe it is a person who looks familiar but we can’t seem to place. We all have these dreams. Every one of us. So don’t worry, you are not alone.

When something in your dream is after you – it is important to pay attention. Whatever it is that stalks you and won’t leave you alone is eager for your attention. This is the unconscious part of you knocking on the door with a request. Acknowledge me. See me. Deal with me!! These figures, of course, are not literal but simply a metaphor. A monster is not really a monster. In actuality, it is an aspect of you that may be monstrous. This might refer to a secret you have been keeping, a lie you have told, a resentment you cannot shake or a deep fear that no one loves you.

The negative feeling or belief you are holding inside is now lurking in the land of your dreams. All of this repressed material that you refuse to deal with comprises your Shadow. The Shadow is made from our deepest fears and unwanted character traits. The things we do not want to admit to anyone. Our shame and guilt. The weakness in our knees. The Shadow is the master of ceremonies in the realm of your nightmares. It is loud, unrelenting and purposeful.

So, that shadowing part of your unconscious has your attention. You are now aware that a psychological issue has grown so large that it is invading your dreams. It has sprung to life in your consciousness. If you address its needs and curtail your behavior accordingly, the images in your dream will transform into something lovely. An example would be to stop deceiving your partner about your intentions and finally to be honest. The monster of deception that has thrived in your nightmares will pack up and leave for the coast. Adios amigo.