We Are All Addicts

August 21, 2015 | Posted in Addiction

‘We are all addicts’: Gwyneth Paltrow calls on therapist to explain unhealthy obsessions with everything from phones to exercise in latest Goop

  • Post is titled Why We Are All Addicts, written by therapist
  • Dr. Stout explains how he believes we live in the age of addiction
  • Says people become addicted to their job, working out and phones

She uses her weekly Goop to impart her words of wisdom and has recently covered everything from water having feelings to yoga for children.

This week, Gwyneth Paltrow called on one of her favourite therapists to discuss why he thinks we are all addicts.

Describing the post, which is titled Why We Are All Addicts, 42-year-old Gwyneth writes: ‘Dr. Carder Stout, a therapist in Los Angeles, explains how we’re all essentially addicts, manifesting this shared reality through everything from our relationships with our tech to an obsession with exercise.’

Dr. Stout goes on to explain how he believes we live in the age of addiction. He says that while we may point our fingers at drug addicts or alcoholics, we often overlook the fact that we may well actually be addicts ourselves.

‘The truth is that each one of us possesses the same attributes that fuel alcoholic binges, restrictive eating patterns, and marital infidelity,’ he writes.

‘Yes, addiction is inside you no matter how far your soul has evolved. It resides in your psyche and binds you together with all other addicted beings in the world. We could not shake it if we tried.’

He goes on to explain how many people become addicted to their job, working out, enhancing their physical appearance and, of course, our fascination with technological devices, which he describes as a ‘love affair gone wrong.’

His advice? To acknowledge your addiction and make it your ally.

Just last week, the ever-organised A-list mother-of-two shared her back to school guide inspired by her own son, Moses.

The Hollywood starlet, who is well-known for imparting words of wisdom on her website, also shared her guide to making a nutritious lunchbox for your offspring, a ‘cute office and school supplies’ guide, and even her views on why yoga is changing schools for the better.

Even though she’s already planning ahead, Gwyneth is making the most of the summer with her children with just days before they head back to school.

Gwyneth was seen spending some quality time with her pre-teen daughter, Apple, on Monday, as well as enjoying a day out with the youngster at the beach last week.

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