UnREAL’s Ashley Scott Turns to Dream Analysis After Welcoming Second Child: “I Feel So Free”

October 9, 2015 | Posted in Dreams

UnREAL or unearthly? Actress Ashley Scott, who recently portrayed mentally disturbed mom Mary Newhouse on Lifetime’s UnREAL, welcomed her second child in real life less than two months ago.

To help with the stresses of her newly expanded family and her career, she turned to dream psychology with Dr. Carder Stout, who analyzes dreams and helps the dreamer to interpret the deeper implications.

“I think because particularly right now my focus — I’m becoming much more conscious with my thoughts and my mind and my practice because of my responsibility of being a mother and who I am now, and being centered is where I wanna live,” Scott tells Us of the practice.

In addition to analyzing her dreams, Scott, 38, has been meditating and trying to find her inner peace.

“It’s been wonderful. I feel so free, and all these great things are happening. I feel so good,” the actress said. “I just had a baby so I just want to be there and be a mom… because this is my second, I am so conscious of being present because I know how quick the time goes.”

Dr. Stout thinks that dream analysis is an important way to be fully present in one’s life.

“Dream analysis and dreams [are] a way to plug in,” he tells Us. “Because through understanding dreams more thoroughly, we can get a better sense of ourself and bring that information and use it to be the best human being you can be and the best mom you can be.”

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